GeneWize Life Sciences is a 12 year old biotech publicly traded company that has developed thousands of products in the past years and continues delivering state of the art nutritional products developed through extensive research about genetic nutrition.

Genewize Life Sciences have opened a marketing division using the multilevel marketing approach, and we stand to benefit tremendously thanks to this decision. They hosted an exciting live launch event in Orlando and the main leaders and physicians in Gene Wize were all gathered to discuss the future of this company.

We lauched live from Orlando, Florida on August 1st 2008 from the Hilton Disney Resort.

The huge buzz from this company’s pre-launch filled the auditorium with over 1000 people!

Why? It’s simple…

Because people are attracted to the product, the science and an opportunity to earn amazing incomes by just sharing this much requested information with the masses.

Gene Wize Customized Products are the future of nutrition- Genetic Nutrition- custom tailored to your needs, and yours alone!!



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