The recent report by E.ON Power Technology in the United Kingdom shows us details of testing done on Green plus, liquid fuel catalyst that reduces harmful emissions, in a test boiler of a coal-fired power plant. Green Plus is a sister company to the Biofriendly Corporation in the US. The purpose of the test was to determine how the fuel catalyst's ability to improve combustion would affect the efficiency of the power plant. The report shows promising results when Green Plus is added to a coal-fired generator.

The report states, "The Green Plus Catalyst showed benefits in LOI (Loss on Ignition) carbon burnout, with no increase in NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) and in some cases, a small NOx reduction." LOI defines the amount of unburned carbon in fly ash. A lower LOI represents less carbon residue in the ash, which means the boiler is operating more efficiently, with lower emissions. During the test, Green Plus lowered LOI by at least 20%.

Alan Thompson, a member of the Test & Measurement Group from Power Technology stated, "This was a very interesting test where the Green Plus catalyst for pulverized coal firing showed benefits in LOI reduction with no increase in NOx." The fact that the research boiler at Power Technology is optimized for low LOI and low NOx makes the test result even more remarkable.

"Reducing the percentage of unburned carbon (LOI) without increasing airflow and keeping NOx emissions under control or even lower than before could be extremely useful to the power industry," said Dr. Colin K. Hill, Chief Consulting Scientist for Biofriendly Corporation. "It may give the industry new flexibility in fueling and power output options. We plan to confirm these research boiler test results on a full scale commercial power plant shortly," he added.

Decreasing unburned carbon may also increase the efficiency of the boiler without increasing the production of NOx in coal-fired power plants. This opens up an entire new market to Biofriendly Corporation and Green Plus Ltd, and it shows that Green Plus has additional potential applications when it comes to improving combustion. Furthermore, this test result is another in a long line of positive independent and certified tests of Green Plus. Each of these third party results supports the claim that Green Plus is the world's most effective and economical solution for significantly reducing emissions, improving fuel economy and enhancing engine performance.



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