Biofriendly Corporation has mandated that the Mexican City of Guzman (population 120,000) use fuel (gasoline and diesel) treated with Green plus liquid fuel combustion catalyst. All city vehicles, private buses and taxis are to use Green Plus, which is designed to reduce harmful emissions and improve performance. Guzman is the first city in Mexico to implement the "Emission Zero" program recently passed by the State of Jalisco.

The President (Mayor) of the City of Guzman spoke of the new environmentally friendly advancement, with the full support of the City Council (100% vote) and from other Mexican states and members of the Jalisco Congress and American Consul. Representatives of major corporations including Coca-Cola, Bimbo, Comision Federal de Electricidad y Telefonos de Mexico as well as the Regional Director for Pemex, and the national oil company also took part in the release of their new advancement towards a cleaner and safer environment.

Congressman (Diputado) Luis Alejandro Rodriguez, President of the State of Jalisco Congressional Environmental Commission said, "The City of Guzman inaugurates the start of our state program "EMISION ZERO" to clean up the air in Jalisco. We intend to be proactive about cleaning up our environment and we expect this to become a model for all of Mexico."

The Mayor of Guzman, Umberto Alvarez Gonzales said, "We have to stop robbing the clean air from our children and citizens, we are all breathing the same dirty air. "EMISION ZERO" gives us a chance to reverse this trend."

Prior to the implementation of this program a certified test was completed. Angel Ricardo Martinez, Director of Vehicle Environment Enforcement (Semades) for the state of Jalisco monitored and certified the pilot program that showed diesel opacity reductions of over 56%.

Correct Action International; the distributor of Green Plus in Latin America has been invited to meet with another state congress and other cities that want to adopt the "EMISION ZERO" program.

The state of Jalisco includes famous cities like Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Tequila, and now the City of Guzman, the first city to take action in support of "EMISION ZERO' using Biofriendly's Green Plus to clean up the air.



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