f you want to choose the CRM system that suits your business there are many CRM solution companies that can try to woo you. You have many alternatives. Choosing one of them could be a daunting task because you want to be sure that by availing these services you are not going to lose any customer or client. Sometimes the buyer of the CRM Systems repents for not taking the help of call centre outsourcing.
1. Clarify whether CRM system is on site or web based.
2. The new form of effective CRM solution is the web based CRM. This web based CRM is also called hosted CRM. This is taking the place of onsite CRM systems. The advantages of the web based CRM system are adaptability, flexibility and continuous connectivity. These three features are very important for the success of the CRM system
3. On the contrary the onsite CRM system is more in details. For onsite CRM system the employees may be required to undergo additional training. The infrastructure needed for onsite CRM system and related CRM implementation is costly.
4. Ask for a no obligation trial time.
5. Get the CRM system on trial basis at least for a month and once satisfied with the performance then only pay.
6. Check the Security checks offered in the CRM system. Sometime some information needs to be classified and not meant for everyone.
7. See to it that the CRM system gets fully integrated into your organization. Special care has to be taken for integration at the level of business process and business objects.

8. Do not get attracted by the brand name ,image or name of the CRM Consultancy. At the end of the day the system should be beneficial for your business and not a non performing asset.
9. Most of the people buy a CRM system because their friends bought and when it does not perform then they repent about it. Do not buy any CRM system that does not serve your purpose. Do not go by what others say because it is not going to be their investment, it is going to be your hard earned money.
10. Do not get lured by the discount offered. Sometimes the discount is offered just to get rid of that product.
11. Never pay lump sum charges for the CRM system.
12. It may not be wise enough to buy a generalized box packed CRM solution.
13. Never sign the service level agreement without reading and understand the details mentioned therein especially those related to downtime clauses during maintenance.



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